Dear Rotarians in District 7040,

Nominations for District Governor – 2023-2024

I encourage you to suggest and invite candidates for District Governor for 2023-2024.
Our district is made up of 65 Rotary Clubs in Nunavut, New York, Ontario and Quebec. Currently we have about 1700 members.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. It is also a big job.  If you have an interest in this position or questions about it, please contact me, any of our Past District Governors, Fay Campbell who is our District Governor Elect, or Michel Wong Kee Song who is our District Governor Nominee.
In submitting a candidate for District Governor Nominee, please follow these steps:
1. A member is identified within the Club who is qualified to serve as District Governor. The proposed candidate has read and understands the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of the office of District Governor, and is willing to serve.
2. The Board of Directors has recommended the candidate to the entire Club membership, who affirms that the candidate possesses the support and esteem of the Club.
3. The completed form for District Governor Nominee is to be submitted to the Chair of the District Nominating Committee.
4. The candidate must attend an interview to be conducted by the District Nominating Committee.
You will find an application form and qualifications at the left. We also ask you to provide candidate statement: “Why I want to be District Governor”: (Maximum 500 words).
Applications must be submitted by October 31, 2020. All applications are to be scanned and sent to my email address with a paper copy to my home address.
Thanks for your thoughtful response to this request,
Hadi Mortada
District Governor 2020-21
613-862-4234 also WhatsApp 
2332 Samuel Drive, Ottawa ON K1G 3C5
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