It’s September, Basic Education and Literacy month in Rotary. A new school year for many. Consider buying a young person a book. You never know, they may love it and become bookworms!
Jennifer E Jones, member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada has been nominated to become Rotary International President for 2022-23. Congratulations Jennifer!
Great News! Africa is declared Polio Free, thank you Rotarians for helping make this happen.
I am sure most of you have heard of the disaster in Beirut Lebanon on August 4th. I am overwhelmed with the messages and concerns I received from my Rotary friends inquiring about my family and friends. I am blessed that my family is safe, despite the property damage to their properties. This disaster caused many casualties and destruction to properties, schools, and hospitals. I reached out to Rotary Clubs in Lebanon and we are working with them to help supply medical equipment in a hospital that was damaged in the area. I am working with clubs and organizations in the Toronto area who are filling and shipping containers with medical equipment. I want to thank our own Peter Labelle, International Service Committee Chair, for his help to fill a container with medical equipment in the Cornwall area. Our clubs and district are collecting donations to secure District Designated Funds and a Global Grant. Thank you to everyone for helping us with this project.
I hope that we all are enjoying our summer season. The beautiful fall season will soon embark upon us and we will enjoy the beauty nature gives us.
I am pleased to report that we inducted 12 new members into our district since July 1, 2020.
We need to promote our activities and projects on our websites and social media channels. Many of our clubs are meeting virtually using Zoom or others, take a screenshot of your meeting along with your bulletins and post them to your websites and social media. Communications with our members and communities are essential for us to be visible.
District Conference 2020 - October 16, 17 and 18. Have you signed up? . It is our first ever online District Conference. We are excited about this opportunity.
It is going to be something you have never experienced before. You will have the opportunity to attend the breakout sessions that you choose from the comfort of your home. Friday, October 16, 4:00-5:00 pm Opening Night. We will have The Business Meeting and Club Awards announced. The opening session will follow. Virtual Parade of Flags, Greetings from dignitaries, a message from RI president Holger Knaack, It Is Magic by magician Shawn Farquhar followed by a Virtual Drum Circle presentation.
Saturday, October 17 Plenary session starts at 10:00 am. Our MC Jacinthe Paillé will introduce our keynote speaker Michael Angelo Caruso "The First 15 seconds: The Power of First Impressions". Breakout out sessions will follow. Some are facilitated by our super Rotaractors. A session on Rotary's Green Initiative and we finish the day at 12:30 with a Virtual Lunch Plenary Session with keynote speaker Todd "Bowtie" Jenkins - " Bringing Diverse People Together"
Sunday, October 18 Breakout Sessions start at 10:00 am with Rushton Hurley, Telling Your Rotary Story. Another breakout session by RI Director Valarie Wafer who will share her story of Rotary Involvement and how she navigated through Rotary. Anna Rochon, our Membership Chair, and a Toastmaster, will share with us how both of our organizations can work together and benefit from each other's experiences. Our own Jacinthe Paillé and Cynthia Surette will talk to us on how we can make Rotary Family Friendly. Rotary Demystified, everything you need to know about Rotaract. This is facilitated by Rotaractor Riley Weymann.
This is going to be a great opportunity to invite that person who has always been curious about Rotary and not sure how to participate. Invite them to join us in this new way to discover Rotary. It is FREE and we guarantee it will be exciting and rewarding.
I look forward to seeing you all there and remember, Have Fun!
#wearebettertogether - sign up here