Posted by Jill Van Hoesen, Secretary, Theresa Rotary

Theresa Rotary, a North Country staple in North Jefferson County since 1946 is proud to announce a $500 dollar donation to the Theresa Primary BackPack Program.  Theresa Rotary has been participating in the Indian River Backpack Program as a Water Station sponsor for the Annual BackPack Run held each September in the scenic Land of Lakes as the township of Theresa is known, since its inception in 2015.  So when the Theresa Rotary found out that the Theresa Primary will not be a recipient of the Indian River Backpack Program till the Fall of 2020 and this meant there were 100s of children and families in the township of Theresa which were in need of a backpack of food over weekends and holidays in order to help the students of these families reach their full potential at school and in their community.

The Theresa Rotary Club sprang into action and is proud to donate $500 dollars to insure all the families in Theresa have backpacks over the Christmas break. This is time many do not get three meals a day since breakfast and lunch are not provided as part of the school day. Theresa Rotary had not realized that Theresa Primary was not a participant in the Indian River BackPack Program and local Theresa children and families were in need of assistance. Typical backpack items purchased with these funds will be peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish, spaghetti, vegetables, fruit, chili beans, beef stew, fruit cups, granola bars, soup, oatmeal and mac 'n cheese.  Brenda Leddy, Theresa Primary School Principal says “here at Theresa Primary we are thrilled to accept the generous donation provided to us by the Theresa Rotary Club.  With such an uptick in need this money will go a long way in providing nutritious food for families over the weekend and holiday breaks.  The original plan was to begin sending backpacks filled with food home with students prior to Christmas break.  However, due to the community support from groups like the Theresa Rotary as well as others we were able to send our first backpacks home over the Thanksgiving weekend”.  The Theresa Primary school will continue to provide their own backpacks to students until the fall of 2020, at that time they will join the Indian River backpack program.  For further information on the Theresa Primary BackPack program or to donate items please contact Theresa Primary at 315.628.4432.
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L to R – Brenda Leddy - Theresa Primary Principal, Jill Van Hoesen – Theresa Rotary Secretary, Kim Dyson, Theresa Primary Nurse