From our house to yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!
One of the most important tasks we, as a District, need to accomplish each year is to recruit and train our new leaders. These leaders will serve both at the club and District level during next Rotary year (2020-2021). This is an important task because next year’s District Governors, Committee Chairs and Area Governors along with Club Presidents, Officers, and Chairs will determine how successful the District will be. The good news is our District has qualified individuals.  They are the leaders in your club.  These individuals are also successful in their business, profession and are leaders in your community.
District Governor Nominee Designate 2022-23
We will soon be soliciting clubs to submit a candidate for DGND. To be eligible, Rotarians must have served as Club President (a requirement) and have experience working at the District level either as an Area Governor or as a member of a district committee.
Therefore, I'm reaching out to you hoping you will either seek out this opportunity yourself or will nominate someone you feel will be a great candidate. Clubs will be asked to submit a candidate mid-February with the District Nominating Committee making their selection by the end of February 2020.
District Positions
The DG Stream (DG Lambert), DGE Mortada) and DG Nominee Fay) have continuously been interviewing/ filling both Area Governor and District Chair positions throughout this year.  As a result, we now have filled approximately 95% of the Districts positions and also added two new committees dealing with Indigenous Peoples and Environmental issues.
However, positions come open quite frequently.  If you have an interest in becoming a chair or member of a District committee, please send me an email so you can be considered
Club Positions
Just like at the District level, finding Rotarians to lead at the club level can be challenging. Annually it is the District’s goal to identify the 2020-2021 leaders by the 31st of December.
Why December? It’s all about training and continuity.
January 2020: DGE Mortada attends his final Governor Elect Training at the RI International Assembly. At club level, remember to update your club officers by 1 February to ensure that they are included in the Official Directory.
February 2020: Team Training Seminar. The DGE will conduct this event in order to train next year’s District Chairs and Area Governors.
January- March 2020: Area Governors conduct Pre-PETS (President-Elect training) with their incoming club presidents.
March: President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) and the District Training Assembly (DTA) is held with all incoming Club Presidents along with other club officers and Rotarians joining in at the District Training Assembly.
June: DGE Mortada, along with many District and Club members, attend the RI International Convention as well as general and breakout sessions gaining new information on the future of Rotary.
I would now ask that you consider becoming part of the corps of officers and committee persons within your club or at the District level. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Upcoming Events
Malone Rotary Teacher of Year Holiday Dinner
Elks Lodge
Dec 10, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
District Council/Continuity Meeting
Cornwall Township Lions Hall
Dec 14, 2019
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
DG Official Club Visit, Canton, NY
Canton Best Western
Dec 16, 2019
DG Official Club Visit, Ogdensburg, NY
Hosmer's Marina, Ogdensburg
Dec 16, 2019 5:15 PM
Rotary Show (Saranac Lake Winter Carnival)
Harrietstown Town Hall
Feb 07, 2020
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
District Team Training Seminar (T2S) 2020
Grenville Mutual Insurance Bldg.
Feb 08, 2020
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Rotary's anniversary / Anniversaire du Rotary
Feb 23, 2020
International Service & Foundation
Cornwall Lions Club hall
Mar 14, 2020
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
2020 PETS / DTA
Mar 21, 2020 9:00 AM –
Mar 22, 2020 4:00 PM
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All About the District - Tout sur le district
Disease Prevention & Treatment Month

Rotary's Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives was founded by our late PDGKen LeFrancois in November of 2015 with Dr. Geetha Jayaram as Vice-Chair and me as Secretary.  With the untimely passing of Ken, I was selected Chair and we have grown to close to 100 members since we officially organized in May of 2016.
Many might ask why a Mental Health Action Group would fall under Disease Prevention & Treatment.

Flood Victims Receive Needed Help

The Arnprior Rotary Club set up a meeting with Andrea Patrick, Ontario Works Manager to hand over the Gift Cards to aid Ottawa River Flood Victims provided by a group of Rotary Clubs. Although the floods came in the spring and lasted through the summer many families are still struggling in our area.  The collection of these funds was spearheaded by Dave Palmer of the Arnprior Club and all of our three of our clubs joined together to make this donation possible.
La Retraite Rotaract Retreat

Each year, Rotaractors gather in one of the clubs’ home cities for the Rotaract District Retreat where they participate in a celebration of learning, sharing and bonding. We are excited to be hosting this year’s Rotaract District Retreat on February 28th in Ottawa, Ontario.

Chaque année, les Rotaractiens se réunissent pour la Retraite Rotaract du District, une occasion pour encourager l’apprentissage, le partage et bien sûr passer du temps tous ensemble. Cette année, nous sommes ravis de l’organiser le 28 février à Ottawa, en Ontario.
The Rotary Club of Montreal Expands Its Commitment On International Projects


Among its commitments on local causes and on water projects in different countries The Rotary Club of Montreal is expanding its implication internationally with several humanitarian missions in podiatry medicine with Podiatrists Without Borders.


RCAT Orléans Rotary Climate Action Team

The Rotarian Magazine, which reaches over 1.2 million Rotarians in 200 countries, issued a statement in April from Rotary International’s past-president, Barry Rassin. In light of the current movement around the climate emergency, Mr. Rassin has wisely recommended all Rotary members to get involved in slowing down climate change. Referring to the book Drawdown, by Paul Hawken, Mr. Rassin urges us to consider adopting simple actions to our daily lives, identified as Climate Solutions Within Our Reach.
Le magazine Rotarian, qui rejoins plus de 1,2 million de Rotariens dans 200 pays, a publié en avril une déclaration de l'ancien président du Rotary International, Barry Rassin. Compte tenu du mouvement actuel autour de l'urgence climatique, M. Rassin a sagement recommandé à tous les membres du Club Rotarien de s'impliquer dans le ralentissement du changement climatique. Se référant au livre Drawdown, de Paul Hawken, M. Rassin nous exhorte à envisager d'adopter des actions simples dans notre vie quotidienne, identifiées comme des solutions climatiques à notre portée.

Don't Forget - N'oubliez pas

All club presidents were sent the following message 2019-11-18. So far, I have received documentation from three clubs. Please complete yours as soon as possible.
Kindly fill in the document for club certification to work with vulnerable persons. If you do any activities with youth or vulnerable people, your club needs to do these things. A list of clubs that have returned their certification will be posted on the district website. The documents states July 1, but we are looking at a Jan. 1, 2020 date to implement.
Tous les présidents de club ont été envoyés au message suivant 2019-11-18. Jusqu'ici, j'ai reçu la documentation de trois clubs. Svp complet le vôtre dès que possible.
Complétez le document pour la certification de club pour travailler avec les personnes vulnérables. Si vous faites des activités avec la jeunesse ou les personnes vulnérables, votre club doit faire ces choses. Une liste de clubs qui ont renvoyé leur certification sera signalée sur le site Web du district. Les documents des états le 1er juillet, mais nous regardons une date à prendre le 1er janvier 2020.

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