Common Hope Vision Team Fundraising link
The Vision Team will do fundraising for Common Hope.  With the help of individuals and Rotary clubs, we need to raise $500 US for each Vision Team member. The funds are used for the Common Hope programs, including the building of a house. Fundraising for the 2019 Vision Team is done online through the Common Hope team fundraising page. The link is ready for you now.

Information BEFORE you send in your application

Read this carefully before you start to fill out any applications.
1. Read and/or download all information on the right. The Vision Team Experience is the complete document from Common Hope for you to find out information.
2. Do not send any information to Common Hope until you have sent everything to Ariane Carriere and it has been approved.
3. The application asks for emergency contact names and phone numbers only. In any box, add the person's email address. Applications without emergency contact email addresses will be returned.
4. Cell phone numbers are preferred so we can send a text if necessary.
5. Do not fill in the Consent to Travel page until we have our meeting on November 17. An original, signed document is needed at that meeting.
6. Travel information will be available soon with the cost of the flight.
7. Payments to Common Hope are in US dollars. Payments for flight and Sunday outing are in Canadian dollars.

The 2019 Vision Team is ready to go

The eight-day Mission for 2019 will take place at the Common Hope project site in Antigua, Guatemala from Saturday March 9 to Monday, March 18, 2019. The Common Hope Organization has been running these Missions for more than 25 years. Each year Common Hope sends about 20 teams of volunteers to Guatemala. Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families, and communities who want to participate in a process of development through education, health care, and housing. A Vision Team is made up of 10 to 12 volunteers (students and leaders). Maximum number is 15.
The cost for each participant is $1000 US for accommodation and food, and approximately $1200 CAD for travel. Travel arrangements will be made through Rotary District 7040. There will be two Orientation and Training Sessions (via GoToMeeting) for team members and leaders, and one or more face to face meetings. It is possible to have another Vision Team at another time of the year, perhaps a combination of Interact and Rotaract, or all Rotaract.
We are now looking for interested students. At this time, we have our chaperones, we just need students who want to have an amazing experience. Contact PDG Ariane Carriere .
Visiting the Rotary Club of Antigua                                                                                                                     Visiting Mayan ruins at Iximche
The Goals of the Vision Team Program are:
  • Foster encounters that provoke compassion and challenge complacency
  • Connect needs and resources
  • Build relationship that compel visitors to actively partner with and multiply our work
The Team will stay in dorm-style accommodations at the Common Hope’s Family Development Centre, a three-acre campus one mile outside Antigua, a World Heritage site. For a video of Antigua, click here.
The team will have the opportunity to get to know the people and culture of Antigua by offering various activities, tours, team building exercises and events – to be chosen by the team.  Projects will include a wide variety of experiences, including visiting families with a social worker, sorting supplies in a warehouse, helping build a simple house, or engaging with students in an educational setting. Team members will be exposed, through personal experience, to the reality and challenges of indigenous family life in Guatemala.
Health (immunization) and Safety issues are covered through the guidelines in the Common Hope Vision Team Leader Guide. Vision Team members are expected to help the help the people of Guatemala by allowing their checked bag to be used for donations and supplies, such as school supplies, medical supplies, and donated clothing. Team members pack personal items in one carry-on bag. 
The Vision Team will do fundraising for Common Hope.  With the help of individuals and Rotary clubs, we need to raise $500 US for each Vision Team member. The funds are used for the Common Hope programs, including the building of a house.
In the words of one participant: “Spending a week in Guatemala with Common Hope was truly an unreal experience. I learned a lot from the people there, and it opened my eyes a little. If anyone is ever considering going, I'd recommend it without a doubt. And to my friends that accompanied me on this journey: thanks for the memories!”
To watch a video of the 2017 Common Hope Interact Vision Team, click on the link