photo: PETS 2024
There is great opportunity for learning and development here and a wealth of learning materials on the Rotary International website. We hope that you find the pages and files on the bottom right useful. Take advantage of a wealth of training materials designed to help you, learn new skills and become more successful in what you do.
Look for PETS 2024 files in the section to the bottom right.
Additional earning opportunities in 2024-25 will be announced shortly.
President-Elect Learning Seminar (PELS)
PELS will be held April 4-5, 2025 in Cornwall and is an important part of your preparation for your year as a Club President. The training you will receive during PELS will cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the task of Club President, will provide an opportunity to interact and learn from other incoming Club Presidents, and will introduce you to the tools and resources you will need in the Rotary year ahead.
 Team Training Seminar

Team Training Seminar is for all District leadership - Area Governors and District Committee Chairs.

This is an opportunity to prepare for the Rotary year ahead - to understand your role and responsibilities, hear about the incoming District Governor's goals and objectives for the District, hear about new District initiatives, and learn how you can support our District clubs.

Learning and Development Sessions
The Learning and Development sessions include topics of interest to all district Rotarians and are designed to build leadership skills, inform and strengthen and grow each Rotary club. They occur on the 20th day of each month between September and March and are open to all Rotarians. To participate in any of these sessions, you must register. Once registered, you will receive a link to all sessions automatically.