Privacy Policy


It must be understood by all members that personal information is held in trust, and must never be used for commercial purposes or distrbuted beyond your club except in the course of official District 7040 or RI business.



Your login password is stored in the district database in an encrypted form. Nobody, including the webmaster, can see or retrieve your password. If you forget your password, the Forgot Password link on the menu can be used to reset your password. In that event, a randomly generated temporary password will be sent to your email address on file in your profile. You can then login and reset your password to your preferred choice.

If you select the 'Remember Me' option when logging in, password will be stored in encryted form in a cookie on your computer. For this reason, cookies must be accepted, at least for, in your web broswer.

Privacy of Member Data on the District Website

Member data stored on the district website is protected from unauthorized access by a login system that uses encrypted passwords.

The following points should be kept in mind regarding the privacy of information in the district database and on the District website.

  • No financial information is stored in the district database.
  • District office holders may access the club rosters in the course of their duties.
  • Certain club officers (President, President-Elect, Secretary, e-Secretary) may edit member records in the club.
  • Aside from district officers as referred to above, club rosters are are available only to members of the same club.
  • Passwords are stored in encrypted form. Neither the webmaster nor anyone else can retrieve your password. The webmaster can change your password but cannot see it.

Any questions may be directed to the District Webmaster through the contacts page.