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Carbon Footprint Challenge
Measure Your Carbon Footprint! Take the pledge!
The District 7040 Environment Committee is launching a project to get our District to Net Zero by reducing carbon emissions.
I commit to doing my best to take as many actions as possible to reduce my carbon footprint, for example:
  • Measure and report my carbon footprint using a carbon footprint calculator  
  • Plant a new native pollinator garden every year and watch it grow.
  • Plant one or more trees every year and watch them grow.
  • Support “zero-waste” practices - Reuse, repurpose, recycle spent commodities, reduce food waste, and compost. Support circular economy. Reduce a throw-away mentality.
  • Use public transportation, when possible, low energy transport options, walk more
  • Organize an energy audit for my home
  • Research ways to change the energy source of my home to a renewable source
  • Support policies to address carbon pricing
Let your President or Environment chair know that you wish to be a change-maker for our environment, our society, our future and want to pledge to minimize your carbon footprint.