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History: A Home for Headquarters

The idea that Rotary should own its headquarters dates back at least to the 1920 convention, when RI President Albert Adams said that he hoped to someday see the headquarters in a beautiful building of Rotary’s own.

Hunger hits home: The pandemic reminds us that food insecurity isn’t just ‘over there’

Hunger and malnutrition unleashed by COVID-19 could carry the impact of the pandemic far into the future.

In the face of a pandemic, the important work of fighting polio must continue

Rotary and its partners have mobilized disease-fighting infrastructure to respond to COVID-19 —while remaining dedicated to eradicating polio

For true economic development, women are essential

Here’s why these organizations and their Rotary club partners are supporting local women’s entrepreneurship with financial literacy, small business loans, and one-on-one advisors.

How Rotary is alleviating the effects of isolation during COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, members are discovering ways to connect, cope, and care for each other and people in the communities they serve.

What are we doing to support our foundations? The Rotary Foundation is the source that supports our projects. The Rotary Foundation provides funds for Grants, Global Scholars, and Peace Fellows. Let's support our foundation generously.
Most of us are meeting virtually and not spending any money on our meals. Here is a challenge to all of us, let's each one of us make a $25 donation to the foundation during November. Imagine if 1635 members in our district make a one-time donation of $25.00! That is over $40,000. Remember, these funds come back to us and support our projects and grants we apply for. Click this link to see how your donations can help https://www.rotary.org/en/donate ou ici en français https://www.rotary.org/fr/donate
When we say Interactors are making a difference around the world, we mean it! Where in the world are you celebrating #WorldInteractWeek, this week?
World Polio Day (WPD) Variety Benefit - This registered WPD programme features five performances along with historical video clips relating to polio. The online link ( https://rcwo.org/page/polio ) to this 34 minute programme will remain active until November 24.
La version française est ci-dessous.
So many Rotarians want to do more to address causes locally and internationally through Rotary’s 7 Areas of Focus. We try to be there in person when we can. We also have the opportunity to help others globally; to improve the quality of life for others here and abroad. Being a retired teacher does not limit me in my continued quest to help educate children, youth, and adults. I belong to a RAG (Rotary Action Group) for Literacy and support the education of a child in Guatemala.

Rotary Club of West Ottawa: Tree Planters and Shoreline Cleaners

Members of the Rotary Club of West Ottawa enjoyed tree planting while social distancing with Ottawa Councillor Jean Cloutier in Billings Park. Volunteers planted 200 trees in sun-soaked, crisp morning greenspace. Read more about the event at https://riverviewparkreview.ca
Club members and their guests also committed to supporting the environment by attending Ottawa Riverkeeper ‘s Shoreline Cleanup in Jacques Cartier Park. Volunteers collected 400 pounds of garbage along the shoreline overlooking the Ottawa River. Another fun-filled project supporting our watershed. You can find more information at www.ottawariverkeeper.ca
Our two projects are in line with RI’s seventh area of focus: Environmental Sustainability.
Join your fellow District 7040 Rotarians in a series of monthly garden tours continuing December 19 at 4 p.m. featuring a garden from Malone, New York
Joignez-vous au Rotariens du District 7040 dans une série de visites mensuelles du jardin à partir du 19 decembre à 16 h. 
Je pensais que vous trouveriez amusante cet article paru ce matin dans notre journal local le Midi Libre;
la personne à gauche avec casquette et lunettes au tour du cou n’est personne d’autre que votre représentant
du club Passport D7040 !  Je suis devenu ‘le représentant du Rotary Canada’ - voire le 5é ligne du premier paragraphe !
I thought you'd find this article in our local newspaper Midi Libre funny this morning; 
the person on the left with cap and glasses on the neck is no one but your D7040 Passport Club member! I became ‘the representative of Rotary Canada’ - or even the 5th line of the first paragraph!
Rotary International has been working to eradicate polio in the world for the last thirty years with stunning success, with only three countries remaining in an endemic state. Rotarians have helped to immunize over 2.5 billion children around the world.  Rotarians will not stop in our efforts to eliminate this disease.
Dutch Rotarians have led a most unique program to benefit our fight. In 2013, they purchased the rights to name and develop a new variety of tulip bulbs. The idea has “blossomed” into an internationally successful fundraiser, with more than 1.5 MILLION bulbs being sold, and so far, generating more than $2 MILLION (US) to Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign. To date, Switzerland, Germany, France, and the USA have joined with Holland.  Canada is now in its second year.
Vesey’s Bulbs of PEI is Canada’s sole supplier of this unique bulb. Every step along the way, donors have provided such funding that over $18 from each $25 box (of 25 bulbs) goes back to Rotary International, to be matched 2 to 1 by the Bill Gates Foundation!
We are excited to announce that Rotaract District 7040 has joined the recently formed Rotaract Canada! This is a great opportunity for Rotaractors in our district to get involved with Rotary at a new level. By joining Rotaract Canada, Rotaractors in our district will have access to new opportunities to serve, learn, and connect. As stated on their website, Rotaract Canada is a MDIO, meaning they “spread information about service projects and events and foster communication between districts”. Through joining Rotaract Canada, members in our district will have even more opportunities for personal and professional development and leadership training.

Identifying opportunities to support the homeless, free will dinners, food pantries, scholarships, the disabled, PolioPlus, the Rotary Foundation, and many other local and International needs has never been a challenge for Rotary clubs. However, having clubs raise funds to support those needs during the COVID19 crisis has been a challenge.

Several Rotary and ROTARACT clubs have now started implementing new fundraisers to fill their financial gap.


Pictured on the left is John Beard, Past President of the Kanata Rotary Club and Condors Golf Raffle Co-Chair and Jim Perkins, who founded the Capital City Condors, which help special needs youth play hockey.
There are many things happening during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Il se passe beaucoup de choses durant l'épidémie COVID-19.
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