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Words for the future

Rotary is forging a path to full literacy in India.

Peace Corps volunteers and Rotary members find meaningful connections

The relationship between Rotary International and the Peace Corps, made official with a 2014 partnership agreement, has its foundation in the organizations’ shared values.

Rotaract projects take honors

Meet the winners of the 2020-21 Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards

Gordon R. McInally selected to be 2023-24 Rotary International President

Gordon McInally selected to be 2023-24 Rotary International President

African region marks one year since being certified wild polio-free

Rotary joined its partners in the GPEI to mark the first anniversary of a public health milestone: the WHO's African region being certified free of wild polio.

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September is the month that Rotarians focus on “Basic Education and Literacy.”
As I write the ABCs of Rotary this month, I am constantly reminded of how our values are still important; while we have matured as an organization, our values remain unchanged. We will be exploring the letters E and F this month.
Eleven years ago, Haiti was hit by an earthquake that killed many, destroyed homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and much more.  It has happened again.  In 2010 money and supplies were sent from around the world to help.  There is a vast amount of misuse, mismanagement, and corruption.  We have learned from that experience.
The fundraiser initiated by the Rotary Club of Hawkesbury will have many safeguards to prevent this from happening again with these funds. 
I am in contact with the district 7020 disaster team, which is on the ground in Haiti. They assess where the funds can be best used for a sustainable project. Rotary works to ensure sustainability. Other agencies provide immediate relief, but we want to make a difference over the long run.
Canadian clubs can use this link to donate for Haiti.
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Are you counting the days until you can meet again?  You have friends in USA or Canada that you have not met in person for over a year and a half – they’re waiting for you too!  The Ottawa Conference & Event Centre on Coventry Road in Ottawa is the location where we will be “Reaching Out” and meeting for the Rotary District Conference on May 6 & 7. You can find all the information here.
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Although Ottawa’s case counts remain low in comparison to the Greater Toronto area, there is concern that we will soon be in a fourth wave. Daily cases in Ottawa average less than 20 over the past month. Case numbers are once again rising in the last week, but the figures are not consistent.
One thing in these numbers is consistent. Those testing positive for Covid-19 are largely the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated (about 85% of the total).  And if you are vaccinated and test positive for Covid, the likelihood is that you will not need to be hospitalized. Vaccination protects against the serious pulmonary consequences of the virus.
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Although Rotary International does not have a specific mandate that volunteers, especially those working with youth, receive a COVID-19 vaccine, the Board of Directors and Trustees have made several endorsements for both receiving a vaccine and for helping to overcome vaccine hesitancy within our communities. After all, Rotary's flagship humanitarian project is the eradication of polio, which would not be possible if not for vaccination efforts worldwide. The Board of Directors has strongly encouraged volunteers that work with Rotary Youth Exchange, and by extension Rotary's other programs for young leaders, and the young people themselves if eligible to receive a vaccine, but there is no such mandate. We defer to the guidelines of your local community, health authority, or school-based restrictions for what may be required over we have strongly encouraged.
You can learn more about what Rotary's position and actions are around COVID-19 vaccination here: https://www.rotary.org/en/rotary-and-coronavirus-impact-frequently-asked-questions#vaccinations.
The District 7040 executive also encourages vaccinations, in line with our support of polio eradication.
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As District Fundraising Chair, one of my goals is to share information amongst our clubs about what our clubs are doing to raise money.  For some of us, COVID impacted our fundraising efforts.  Now may be a good time to review your fundraising programs to see if you should consider adding new ones, and/or to consider dropping some.  Getting the most out of your club members’ participation effort versus the amount of money raised, I feel, is an important consideration.  Another factor in considering a fundraiser’s value is the fellowship that the various fundraisers provide.
I want to share with you a new type of fundraiser with the hope that many of you will be able to adopt it as part of your fundraising program.   It is a Zoom Wine and Cheese Party.  It was the creation of the Rotary Club of Orleans.
The following 23 clubs qualified for grants during our pandemic-driven 2020-2021 year for grants in the 2021-2022 Rotary year:
Cornwall Sunrise
D7040 Passport
Montreal Lakeshore
Montreal Westward/NDG
Old Montreal
Plattsburgh Sunrise
e-club premier D7040
Montreal Ville-Marie
Saranac Lake
St Jerome
Watertown Sunrise
West Ottawa
Please register under EVENTS on our District website for any of the remaining Grant Management Seminar sessions scheduled after the quarterly District International Service/Foundation meetings.  Registration assures you receive the correct Zoom link, if we remain virtual!
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I do not remember the exact moment I stepped into a library for the first time, but I do feel as if I’ve spent countless hours in public libraries since I was very young. From Quebec City to Toronto, I have always had a library card and borrowed (and read) many, many books throughout my life. Even when I travel, I love to visit these beautiful places, and admire not only the books but also the architecture, and soak in the quietness of the place.
In Rotary, as we celebrate Literacy month in September, I wanted to share my love of books, reading and the amazing potential of public libraries with you, and remind you of the many ways they promote accessibility, diversity and inclusion.
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Local projects
  • “Lunch Boxes” program in the schools, inspired first by Olivette Gauthier and after by Marjorie.
  • “For a Green Future”, tree planting in 2000 and in 2019
  • Football Program to counter school drop off in collaboration with the Club Richelieu
  • Mont-Tremblant “Cannes” Festival (Guignolée) in partnership with the Village neighborhood Committee, the Knights of Columbus and La Samaritaine.
  • Project Summer Camp for the handicapped children in partnership with Clair-Soleil Association – New Paralympic building for our athlete Eric Gauthier.
  • Bursary to celebrate the success of the Curé-Mercure High School’s student who tried the hardest to succeed in his/her studies – The swing offered to the CHSLD – Grant to help cover the costs of the windows displaying the Saint-Jovite’s Church History
  • Project “Sophie”
  • Financial support for the Palliative Care Unit “Palliacco”
  • Partnership with Father Marc Richer, Knights of Columbus and other clubs, for the conception of “La Samaritaine” and special help from the Fairmont Hotel – Grants to La Traversée, in particular for the automated doors
  • Christmas celebrations for the children receiving help from the Lunch Box Program at the Fairmont, Ski Le Gap and Domaine St. Bernard
  • Tickets offered to the students of the High-School Music Program for the Choir Tremblant’s concerts
  • And much more!
We would like to invite you and your District to our Virtual Project Fair from September 18 to 24, 2021. In this fair, international projects are exhibited to find sponsor clubs and bring districts closer. Please send the information to your District or other Rotary friends in Canada?
At the same time, I would like to get closer to our Districts in order to be able to carry out other programs in the future such as youth exchanges or Rotary friendship exchanges.
If you like, we can have a meeting by Zoom to provide more information about the fair.
Here is our social media information: